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Do you need to find charter aircraft departing from the Greater Grand Rapids, MI area? Aargus Air offers a variety of aircraft, from a business jet down to a light piston twin, to fit any mission. We can be at your selected departure airport within few hours from time of notification. Please contact our office... Aargus phones are open 24/7. Call and we will provide a quote for your trip and on acceptance, make arrangements for your flight.

If your trip is not immediate, get a quote from this web site by clicking this link (charter-flight-quote) in the upper left corner of this screen and get the quote by email. Or, you can call 616-956-7600 or 666-431-0705 and one of our reps will handle you request. Based on the information that you give, they will choose the best fit aircraft to the details of your proposed flight and there is no obligation or cost to get a quote.

Aargus Air provides air charter service from Grand Rapids area airports, using as primary, the Gerald R. Ford airport. As an alternate, we my choose to depart from Ottawa Executive Airport in Zeeland, MI, approximately 15 miles to the West of Grand Rapids Airport. We will pick you up at whichever airport in the area is most convenient for you and take you to your destination airport. Multiple stops along the way are easily done. Air charter has never been more simple. Should you need a rental car or taxi cab at the arrival airport, we will have one there waiting for you.

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Major Industries and Commercial Activity

Grand Rapids, MI is an up and comer city both in State and the US. Over the past decade, it has grown in population, manufacturing, medical, nightlife, culture and just about every other metric that can be tested. It has one of the finest airports in the US with regard to size and traffic. Rarely is there a delay that originates in Grand Rapids, unless it is weather related.

NIcknamed the "Furniture City", the Grand Rapids area is home to such companies as Steelcase, Herman Miller, educational institutions, Grand Valley University, Grand Rapids City College, Calvin and Aquinas Colleges, as well as a few others. Other prominent industry sectors are medical and medical research, automotive, aviation, and consumer goods manufacturing.

Historically, for thousands of years, various indigenous cultures occupied the area. 2,000 years ago, people called the Hopewell Culture lived the Grand River Valley. Around A.D. 1700, the Ottawa Indians, who lived in the area surrounding the Great Lakes moved into the area and founded several villages along the Grand River.

At the beginning of the nineteenth century, many European (French Canadian and M??tis) fur traders and missionaries established outposts in areas just to the East of Lake Michigan and were generally peaceful, trading metal and textile goods for fur skins and pelts. Joseph La Framboise established the first trading post in West Michigan and what is presently Grand Rapids, on the banks of the Grand River near what is now the town of Ada. They were French-speaking and Roman Catholic.

Grand Rapids area culture and nightlife has come a very long way in the past decade, with museums such as the Gerald R. Ford museum, The Grand Rapids Art Museum, and Art Prize which happens every fall. Not so much a museum, Art Prize is an event the brings artists from all over the country (and world) the the city to compete for $200,000 prizes. The various works are positioned in and around the Downtown are in businesses and public areas for viewing. Some are even located outdoors. Painting, sculpture, conceptual art are all included in Art Prize and the creators of the event give great latitude to what an artist calls art. Art Prize bring tens of thousands people in to the area for three weeks and is a great boost to vendors of all types in the Downtown area.


Grand Rapids has many fine restaurants and other interesting attractions.

Four Star Restaurants as Rated by

The Bob - Multi function entertainment - Restaurants, bars, comedy club

all under one roof

The Chop House - American VERY Fine Dining - Five Stars** (six if we had

our choice)

Z's- Ribs that Fall of the Bone - BBQ - Four Stars**

Brewery Viviant - Brewey in an Old Church - Five Stars**

Donkey Tanqueria - Best Mexican North of the Border - Five Stars**

Ruth Chris - World Famous Steakhouse - Five Stars

The Cygnus - American - Sits atop the Amway Grand Hotel - Four Stars

Wolfgang Puck Kitchen - Word Famous Chef, Eclectic Fare inside the

Amway Grand Hotel - Four Stars

Leo's - Seafood/American Fine Dining - Four Stars

Founders Brewery - First to cultivate the craft brew market in GR

** Personal favorites

Other Interesting Attractions

Gerald R. Ford Museum - Planetarium

Grand Rapids Art Museum

Miejers Gardens

Fish Ladder

Golf Courses

Other things to do in Grand Rapids, MI



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When our airline flight cancelled, we were stuck. We called Aargus Air and they arranged to get us to our father's funeral in Kentucky on time. Cali & Brett Y..


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